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Retro Home Decor and Vintage Furniture

Unleash the interior designer within and come and see how Left and Found can take your home from functional to fabulous. No matter the size or type of space you want to work on, you’ll find just what you need at our welcoming Furniture Store. 
Below, find a selection of products we have carried in our shop. Because each item is unique and we are always changing our stock, we cannot guarantee what is currently in store. Please get in touch with what you're inspired by on this page, follow us on Social Media, connect with our partners at Bonnybrook Junction and join our email newsletter!



As low as $185

Left and Found makes it easy to personalize your space. Our wide selection of Loungers will help you complete the exact look you want. With such affordable prices, you’ll want to give your entire home a complete makeover!


Glassware and Decor

As low as $5

Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle touch to make a huge impact, especially when it comes to vintage glassware, art, figurines and decor. You can go big and bold or small and subtle. It’s up to you. Choose whatever sparks joy and add some unique personality to your space.


Teak Tables

As low as $79

Sometimes, a little change can make a big difference. Make a statement in every room of your home by checking out our range of Teak tables. Coffee tables, side tables, bedside tables and desks are what we often have in store.


Vintage Electronics 

As low as $85

Left and Found makes it easy to personalize your space. Our selection of Vintage Electronics will help you complete the exact look and ambiance you want. Experience your home in as unique a way as possible with vintage record players, clocks and more.



As low as $49

Bring unique seating options into very room of your home with our office swivel stairs, kitchen chairs and accent chairs. These can be the most fun practical item to play with!

Grey Sofa

Couches and Sectionals

As low as $229

An anchor to any room: the sofa. No reason it can't be basic but also push the edges of style. Why be middle of the road? Find your dream sofa with us.



As low as $25

Left and Found makes lighting into a whole new world of opportunity. We love putting unique pieces together ourselves and fixing up Eclectic Lamps. Yes, you need to light your home and, it can be a glamorous experience without costing a ton. We always have swag lamps, tension pole lamps, floor lamps and table lamps in store.

Wood Dresser

Teak Dressers and Wall Units

As low as $195

These pieces can be what elevates your room to the next level. Practical for storage but also beautiful and classic. Danish designed Teak furniture from the 1950s and 60s are what we come across the most and we will always put it in your hands for an excellent price.

Left and Found is the source for affordable, stylish home goods. Browse our products on our Instagram and Facebook and check out our collective of vintage and retro resellers at Bonnybrook Junction.