Bertoia Style Wire Chair, Wood Coffee Table, Two Lamps and Wall Art

All About Left and Found

Mid Century for Modest Budgets

The future of retail is changing. The current pandemic, climate change, the economic downturn, the collective events in activism: they are all changing how we operate in the world. Our very new venture is a product of these shifts.



Slowing Down

We are making a way to honour a slow pace to life, valuing quality over quickness.  Born out of the times and what we crave in this period of isolation, Left and Found is a place where we create connection.


At Left and Found, we value relationships and building community. We cannot make change alone; we must do this in partnership.  We build our business together, with others, not in competition with them. This is why we currently share a space with three other permanent vendors, displaying several other local small businesses and hosting rotating guests. We know that each of us has a unique voice, we send each other customers, and trust the web of supports our relationships form.

It is important to us that everyone who walks through our doors finds furniture and home décor that is more than just a physical item. The pieces we carry are about evoking memory, nostalgia, comfort and whimsy. There is a sense of connection, of joy, that we feel when we obtain an item, when we give it a bit of love, and when we find the right person to take it home.

We are spending more time at home now than ever, and curating the scenery of our homes to bring a sense of ease is a powerful way to make this a time for reflection, rest and rejuvenation. We are aware that these times can be trying for folx mentally, spiritually, emotionally and our vision is that we can encourage people to be mindful about where they spend time, with who, and in what state.


Our mid-century and vintage store houses forever furniture, not disposable furniture, and can be held onto for generations to come. There is a lineage of owners embedded each item. We carry our memories and experiences into the future and they are never lost.


We firmly believe that there are immense benefits to buying vintage and buying local. Buying pre-loved is an action anyone can take to commit to reducing waste, to reducing the effects of mass production on the environment. We carry furniture and home décor that is resilient, that will stand the test of time.

There is also a financial benefit to buying retro: we price our items at a large range so that anyone can afford to bring something of resonance into their home.


Buying vintage comes with a story and this is a time where we want to centre stories, not things. Experiences, not consumption. Buying local is something that we all know can help to build our city, our small place in this land and on this Earth. Investing in the people, the stories, the creations of artists and vendors here is satisfying and rewarding. If nothing else, choosing to buy local boosts the sense of belonging we all want to feel.


This whole store started because we wanted people to have access to mid-century and vintage items without having to spend way above what was prudent for them. “Mid-Century for Modest Budgets” is our motto, and we are careful to ensure that we are not pricing out anyone.

We are always looking for new ways to support others in the Calgary community, to strengthen and bring together the vintage and artistic trailblazers we know and the ones we have not yet met. We love seeing new ideas come to life, and being able to give from what we have been fortunate enough to receive. Left and Found is extremely grateful to be embarking on this journey, and we hope to meet you as we discover new ways to serve.

-November 2020